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December 2012

The season came to a rather abrupt end with the one-two punch of Sandy followed by a nasty Nor’easter a week later.  It was a bit hectic but we were able toaccommodate all of our clients’ haulout requests.  After an extensive 4 month search, we were able to locate a 2007 48’ Viking for one of our customers. We had to delay the closing by a week and kept our fingers crossed as the storms approached. We closed on it once the storms passed and now it’s stored inside in New Bedford for some off-season upgrades.  As an important FYI, Please remember to contact your insurance company to inform them of any major updates that you perform…new engines / electronics, etc.  I was with a customer recently who repowered his 1987 35’ Viking in 2010 but failed to notify his insurance agent. He’s from New Jersey and lost his boat during Sandy. His insurance settlement amount is being based upon the value of the 1987 engines that he removed because those were the engine still listed in his policy.

We’re currently  making arrangements to deliver a 46’ Bertram to the west coast of Mexico for a client in Texas. We’re hopeful to have it at least to FL by mid-December.

As we gear up for the winter boat show season, were expecting a quick start to 2013 as the unfortunate folks who lost boats during Sandy to begin the search for their new ones. There should be a strong demand for clean, late model boats next year throughout New England due to the reported 65,000 damaged or destroyed boats this fall.  Be sure to let us know if you’re thinking of making a move. This is a great time to get boats on the market.

We’d like to wish all of our customers and their families a happy and safe Holiday Season. We look forward to seeing you soon as the boat show season quickly approaches.

Jan 2012

We’re gearing up for a busy Spring and have some well-qualified clients looking for specific boats. We have clients looking for late model 23’,24’, and 26’ Regulators, and 48’ Viking. Late model clean boats are selling quite well. The office at Bayline Boatyard has been busy with a few winter refit projects as well as some mid-winter sales. The 27,000 square foot heated building allows us to get boats inside for storage, survey, and preparation for sea trial. Capt Tom Kane has been busy with some nice listings in the Southern RI area. Tom has been a nice addition to our crew and his activity is really picking up. As the economy shows some signs of improvement, it’s been refreshing to see and hear back from many of our long-time loyal customers along with some great new ones that we’ve met recently. We encourage all of you to join our Facebook page and join our email list. We promise to keep the emails light, enjoyable, informative, and will provide you with some monthly boating / fishing tips. We enjoy putting together the emails and want you to enjoy receiving them. Any feedback is welcomed….let us know if there’s something that you’d like to see changed or added to any of our emails. We’re looking forward to a busy boat show season and hopefully and early start to the boating season.

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